Martin King


"Photography allows me to capture those priceless moments so we can remember them forever."

How I Started Out In Sports Photography

My interest in sports photography began more than 10 years ago when my youngest son began playing rep soccer for the Northern Tigers.
The club needed pictures for its end of season presentation and I was delighted to volunteer as it instantly delivered two benefits.
Firstly, I got a much better view of games being allowed inside the security fencing. And secondly it got me away from the main spectator areas — which could often be “a little tense”.


I was working as a journalist, selecting photos and designing the sports pages of The Sunday Telegraph. After showing my photos to the picture editor I was given the opportunity to cover NRL and A-League soccer games for the paper.

This gave me access to The Telegraph’s extensive array of lenses as well as allowing me to see first-hand how the professionals did it.

I was packing up my camera equipment after the final whistle of a Sydney FC game at Allianz Stadium when one of the Telegraph’s star photographers asked what I was doing.

“You haven’t started yet, mate”, he told me, telling me to follow him onto the pitch.

What I learned in the next ten minutes has stayed with me since.

Action photos are an important part of covering soccer but so too are the emotional shots – capturing the unstrained joy on the faces of players and even supporters.

I quickly developed the hunger to capture “that perfect shot” and always get a buzz of excitement when I am in position and a game is about to start.

FKFC and me

Last year I followed the triumphs of the all-conquering Forest Killarney AL1s – who won premierships in both the seniors and the reserves competitions.
The competition showcased skill and wonderful athleticism every week.
But the photos players excitedly copied to each other after matches were the celebration shots – and the occasional moments when tempers got the better of rival players!